Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cradle Catcher: The Baseball Baby

Young Jack Grass is one and half years old but still really wants to play baseball. At least that's what his father is arguing. But the rules state that children that young can't play baseball in the local little league! Can Jack's father convince the coach that Jack is the next all star? Or will the baby just sit around playing with blocks like it normally does? One thing is certain: steroids will be involved.

Chess Losers!

The kids of the local Chess club are total losers. Hank Green, the president of the school's chess club, is the nerdiest most awful kid ever. Sometimes he just sits around and thinks about playing chess and picking his nose because he's a royal loser. But then a young man from the football team decides to play chess! He realizes its for losers and kicks the shit out of the other kids. Happy Ending!

Tackle Time!

Steve Grant was the best football player at Discovery Elementary's afterschool football program... until one day he killed a guy when he tackled him too hard. Now he's in jail, doing time for his tackle accident. But this juvy center has the best football team in the state, and no one can seem to find a place for Steve in the team (they call themselves the Tigers). Can he befriend the meanest, hardest juvy kids around, or will he have to prove it on the field.

The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Brooming

Jeremy Gray is the best curler in his middle school, and the only kid with enough stamina to keep on brooming. But when a new boy comes to town who used to be the best broomer in his school, race is on to see who will be named the best curler in town. Can friendship survive and team spirit survive, and will anyone in the town care because its about a sport that few if any American's care about?